Wooden Geometric Large Shapes Tray Puzzle (9 Shapes) - Multicolor

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Aesthetically pleasant this wooden geometric puzzle includes colorful 9 shapes. This wooden educational puzzle board has Hexagon, Square, Pentagon, Triangle, Rhombus, Parallelogram, Circle, Rectangle and Trapezoid. Each puzzle has fitted mushroom pegsfor handling the pieces and fit on that position.
Vibrant and unique educational toy of five colourful geometric shapes enriching children using a toy-based learning method to recognize multi colours and shapes. Toys as tools for education develops mathematical ability and cognitive ability in toddlers. It is a suitable educational toy for 4-year-olds that encourages teach and learn activity and stimulates the sensory and helps in child development.
There are different types of educational toys based on Montessori principles to improve self-activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play. The wooden puzzle is made from 100% wooden material and has non-sharp edges which makes it a top preschool toy to make your children properly learn through playing.
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Wooden Geometric Large Shapes Tray Puzzle (9 Shapes) - Multicolor
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